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Sonic r u ever jealous of amy

((This is only a Amy Rose roleplay account))

"Hi!" Amy excitedly hugged Sonic giving him a kiss on the cheek,she did the same for Scourge, onky that her kiss was planted on Scourge forhead. "Im sorry for visiting you guys so late, I just wanted to visit you guys and hang out for a while!"


Sonic’s muzzle lit with a blush as she hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He chuckled shyly and returned the hug and then scratched his cheek slightly, feeling a little nervous. “Hey, Amy! It’s okay!”

Scourge looked at Amy, unsure how to reply to her and then felt his muzzle redden lightly with a blush as she hugged him as well and kissed his forehead. He felt jealous for Sonic getting a kiss from her on his cheek and wrapped his arms around Amy, hugging her back closely. Then sticking his tongue out at Sonic mockingly when she wasn’t looking. Sonic’s eyes widened as he watched Scourge and clenched his jaw lightly, he was falling for Scourge’s trick and Scourge only chuckled at how easy it was to mess with him. He slowly let Amy go and smirked. "How you’ve been?" He asked her.

Sonic only chuckled at how excited she got and smiled. “Right then! To the park it is! Oh! We are going to need to make a picnic basket so we can have something to eat when we get there. I’ll go make it right now.” Sonic said with a smile and walked to the kitchen.

Scourge just looked at Amy and slipped his hands into his jacket pockets and started to follow Sonic. Though he stopped for a moment, glancing at Amy. "I’ll bring a extra basket so you can put those flowers in." He said softly and continued walking out of the room towards the kitchen.

Amy smiled nodding her head in agreement to the picnic idea, she turned Scourge way as Sonic headed to the other room but noticed Scourge follow Sonif right when she was hoping to talk to him,”oh…okay! Thank you!” She tried to keep a happy tone and a smile as he left, a frown slowly forming on her muzzle,”later..” she whispered to herself.

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please Don't kill me!

"Kill you? I would never kill anyone, don’t be worried!"

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Amy, I'm a first-time visitor to this account, so let me say that you're easily one of my favorite characters. That said, my first question is: what is your favorite way to spend free time?

"Account…what acount? Character?!"
She looked puzzled at the person standing in front of her,”Oh, I like to spend my freetime by visiting my friends, cleaning up, or reading a book…mostly romantic books!”


looks like my ride is here


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